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    Wire Brush Machine CE 1. Production Introduction锛?/strong>
    The wood grain drawing machine can be used to conduct archaic wire drawing on various sheet materials, deepen the natural wood grains, increase the stereoscopic effects and create a smoother surface.
    2. Product Parameter:
    WorkpieceThickness90mm(110,160,220 can be customized)
    LengthMore than 400mm
    Wire brushesTotal brush diameter(length)250mm(1300mm)
    1st Steel brush0.5mm
    frequency control, right and left oscillating
    2nd steel brush0.3mm
    frequency control, right and left oscillating
    3rd steel brush0.3mm
    frequency control, right and left oscillating
    4th nylon brush240grid
    frequency control, right and left oscillating
    5th nylon brush180grid
    frequency control, right and left oscillating
    Feed Speedfrequency control
    Motor1st Steel brush11kw
    2nd steel brush7.5kw
    3rd Steel brush7.5kw
    4th nylon brush5.5kw
    5th nylon brush5.5kw
    Convey feed motor2.2kw frequency control
    Lifting motor0.37kw
    Total power
    3. Product Feature and Application :
    Woodgrain drawing machine can draw your oak floorboards and give your wood an aged effect, the powerful tynex roller is able to work timber as a brush grain unit.
    Steel brushes make the difference in the hard job of wood surface treatment before your coating application.
    1. Each roller of the wood grain drawing machine can adjust independently depending on customer work needs.
    2. Wood wire brush machine adopts double digital readout to show the thickness and easier operation.
    3. The whole machine has passed Dynamic Balance Detection to make sure the working precision
    4. Each roller has a frequency control speed and right-left swing for wood texture needs.
    5. Independent dust collecting system ensures a better dust cleaning effect.
    6. CE standard for motor, inverter, electric component, heavy-duty type for long lifetime.
    4. Product Details :
    1. Three-phase H&M international standard motor, TECO inverter, all CE standard quality
    2. Wood grain drawing machine with button control for each roller and a double display meter for thickness and roller height, very easy to operate and not easy to break.
    3. Handwheel for micro-adjustment of roller lifting and down,
    4. Complete dust collection system has dust outlet month on each roller
    5. Wood grain drawing machine with a nylon brush roller will finish the polishing work to make sure the smooth surface
    6. Working effect sample of wood grain drawing machine :
    7. Strong export packing (wooden case optional )
    Our Service:
    1. Offer use of manual or video for guiding customer operation
    2. Video call or email or phone call available at any time for technology questions
    3. Offer a dust collector which matched the machine
    4. Can customize special requirement
    5. door to door shipment available
    Get a quotation or more information for your reference now!Wire Brush Machine CE

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